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Dermastamp is the latest medical automated needling device recommended for collagen induction and scar reduction.

It uses very fine needles of the highest quality and a motorized handpiece to rapidly “stamp” the skin to stimulate collagen production and skin rejuvenation.

This innovating device has a unique feature where the needle lengths can be adjusted accordingly to treat different areas of the face. Areas which are normally difficult to treat such as upper and lower eyelids, can be treated effectively to reduce the appearance of fine lines.

dermastamp eyes bioscor international

Results may vary based on individual factors and circumstances



lip scar before and after dermarolling bioscor

Results may vary based on individual factors and circumstances

In addition, this feature allows the Dermastamp to be a highly-effective treatment for scars as it can break down the fibrotic scar tissue to allow natural skin regeneration.


This system utilizes “infuse as you go” technology which enables instantaneous permeation of collagen-inducing ingredients such as Hyaluronic acid and PRP( Platelet rich plasma) for further enhancement of the skin.



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acne before and after dermastamp before and after neck with dermastamp before and after forehead dermastamp



*Results may vary based on individual factors and circumstances.