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Hair Regrowth

Our medically-supervised natural hair regrowth program that aims to yield only the best results

Cosmetic Medicine

We strive to provide the best service possible in providing a range of cosmetic solutions for both face and body

Skin Care

Products and treatments designed to improve unfavourable skin issues and enhance overall skin appearance

Cell Therapy

Bioscor offers innovative cell therapy solutions for both hair, skin and body

Our Natural Hair Regrowth Treatment

Welcome to Bioscor International. We are a global network of natural hair regrowth and cosmetic medicine clinics. With locations in the cities of Melbourne and Perth, our clinics specialise in excellent customer service and have more than two decades of experience. We provide the latest medically and clinically proven aesthetic solutions for our clients and strive to ensure that you will get the utmost in professional care, from your first consultation right through to gaining your desired outcome.

We understand that individual patients have different needs and concerns regarding their aesthetic appearance and we will strive to provide a solution for you. We have doctors, qualified nurses and trained consultants available to answer any queries you may have and to render support at all times.

We will keep you well informed about all the cosmetic medicine options available to you and we will help you make an informed and balanced decision. Our specialist team are dedicated to working carefully to make a more beautiful you.

Pay As You Go

Our service is upfront, with no lock-in contracts or hidden costs. We offer a “pay-as-you-go” service, so that you decide just how much you are able to spend.

Get in Touch for More Information

We have hair loss clinics located in both Melbourne and Perth. We welcome you to visit us or get in touch with our qualified staff to discuss the options available to you for hair regrowth, skin care, cell therapy or cosmetic medicine.